Tanja Munz

Science meets Art

Comparative Visual Gaze Analysis for Virtual Board Games

We introduce an approach for the visual analysis of eye movement data from two people playing competitive virtual board games. Our approach provides methods to temporally synchronize and spatially register gaze and mouse recordings from two eye tracking devices. Analysts can examine such fused data visually with a combination of techniques: attention maps and gaze plots as well as a temporal summary of the distance between gaze positions and mouse events of the two players. We show different game scenarios from the competitive game Go, which is especially complex for analyzing strategies of individual players, to demonstrate our methods. In general, our visual analysis approach can provide analysts with insights into strategies, learning processes, and means of communication between people.

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Tanja Munz, Noel Schäfer, Tanja Blascheck, Kuno Kurzhals, Eugene Zhang, and Daniel Weiskopf.
Comparative visual gaze analysis for virtual board games.
Association for Computing Machinery, New York, USA, 2020.
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