Tanja Munz

Science meets Art

About Me


My name is Tanja Munz. I am very interested in creating visualizations, simulations, animations and special effects. I am currently working as doctoral researcher at University of Stuttgart Visualisation Research Centre (VISUS) and I am dealing with the visualization of eye-tracking data and machine learning.

I have knowledge in the implementation of user interfaces (C++ with Qt, C# with WPF, Python with PySide/wxPython) as well as graphics programming using D3.js, the Qt Graphics View Framework and OpenGL. I also earned knowledge of Maya, Houdini, Nuke and RenderMan.

Prior to my research position I worked as software and pipeline developer at Luxx Studios in Stuttgart. I studied Computer Science (German Diplom) at University of Stuttgart and graduated with a degree in MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects at Bournemouth University. While studying Computer Science my main focus was on computer graphics; many projects were related to information visualization. In my year abroad in England I expanded my skills by 3D programming and got to know additional graphics/animation software.