Tanja Munz

Science meets Art

Demo of a Visual Gaze Analysis System for Virtual Board Games

We demonstrate a system for the visual analysis of eye movement data of competitive and collaborative virtual board games two persons play. Our approach uses methods to temporally synchronize and spatially register gaze and mouse recordings from two possibly different eye tracking devices. Analysts can then examine such fused data with a combination of visualizations. We demonstrate our methods for the competitive game Go, which is especially complex for the analysis of strategies of individual players.

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Tanja Munz, Noel Schäfer, Tanja Blascheck, Kuno Kurzhals, Eugene Zhang, and Daniel Weiskopf.
Demo of a visual gaze analysis system for virtual board games.
In ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications, ETRA ’20 Adjunct, New York,USA, 2020. Association for Computing Machinery.
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