Fachpraktikum – ClickMeBricks

  • ActionScript
  • SVN

This is the first project in which I dealt with graphics programming. I created this Flash game as part of my Fachpraktikum “Graphische Benutzungsoberfl√§chen” in 2011. The idea for this game is slightly inspired by the computer game Lemmings.

The basic concept of the game is to get as many squares as possible to a specific target area (a portal). The squares can only move towards one direction and if there is an obstacle they need to change their direction. Using a mouse click they can be stopped at their current position.

The Flash game is implemented with ActionScript using sprite elements for the squares. There is a high score list but it is only valid for one session. A minor bug in the code which does not bother any further might result in unexpected behavior of the squares – you also could think of it as a special feature.

Some parts of the game can be seen in this video. Alternatively, the Flash game can be played.

Music in the game/video by Eric Skiff: Come and Find Me (http://ericskiff.com/music/).