Group Project – Citypopmusik

  • Houdini
  • Nuke
  • GIMP

In a group project I created a music video together with four team members (Salvatore Gerardi, Shruti Jain, Ged Jurga and Tom Riise).
I worked as 3D FX Artist to create different effects; additionally I contributed to other parts that are relevant for the final piece of work: from tracking, over creating dummy geometry, texturing, lighting, rendering and roto to compositing.
The software I used includes Houdini FX for creating effects (simulations and animations), dummy geometry, shading, texturing, lighting and rendering, Nuke for tracking, roto and compositing and GIMP for creating and editing textures.

My main responsibility was creating concepts for effects in Houdini and putting selected effects into shots.
Some frames of our video I created the effects for:


The result of our project:

My main contribution to this work:
Shot 3: Pavement wave (0:12-0:14) – Pavement wave effect with shader (brick texture) and dummy geometry.
Shot 7-8: Flying Cubes (0:24-0:30) – Flying cubes animation/simulation with collision.
Shot 16: Crack and Metaballs (0:46-0:48) – Metaballs/crack effect and compositing. Tracking, lighting and rendering together with a team member.
Shot 18: City scene with Metaballs (0:51-1:00) – Tracking, roto, lighting, metaballs effect, rendering and compositing.